Play smart

Have you noticed how many hours your kids spend daily to play on different electronic devices? Do you know how much time do you spend playing? Below you will find 5 rules of smart gaming: Check how for long you and your family play games. Add in your TV time, browsing through social media and checking email at home. Take a week to write this down in detail. Summarize it at the end of the week. Set up rules for the use of electronic devices for all family members. Tell your family why you want to implement the rules, what is their purpose and what are they about. If you have small kids and up to now you didn’t care about what they are playing, you need to change this, fast. Only select games that are appropriate to the age and development level of your kid. Take the value added into consideration, which is tailored to your child’s temperament. When it comes to small children we recommend the educational game TooTTooT Riddles as a good example. If you have small children in hour house, this article is for you. Remember, teaching your kid how to play games now will yield […]

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Your Kid Safe in the Internet

You’re a parent and you’re just dying to have a moment to yourself? Chaos and confusion are everywhere – dinner, shopping, homework, additional lessons. Everything needs to be done here and now. You can always give your kid a tablet to play! But if you do that, a tree will fall in the Amazon forest, or a panda will die in Asia… really, what bad can happen? It’s all for us to enjoy, right, and that includes the little people, doesn’t it? We will show you how to take care of your child’s safety in the Internet. Kid mode on I’m sure that all parents have doubts when they let their kids watch TV or play on the tablet. Officially, we all prohibit that, but the truth is we are living in the 21st century and our kids are in constant contact with mobile devices. So in reality, it’s the opposite. We give them devices to play, but we don’t know how to do it properly. Teaching our kids good habits is better than prohibiting It’s easy to forget about being consistent, though. Especially, if we get peace and quiet in return. Fortunately, the developers of such operating systems as iOS […]